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Calluses & Corns

The human body is incredibly adaptable, and corns and calluses are just one way your body defends you. While slightly different from each other, corns and calluses stem from the same root cause.

They are both thick patches of skin that develop to protect you when the skin is subjected to excessive friction and pressure, but they can become problems themselves, particularly for diabetics or anyone with compromised circulation.

Signs Your Corn or Callus is a Problem

Identifying a troublesome corn or callus is relatively simple. If they are bothering you or inhibiting your life in any way at all, you should see a podiatrist.

In some cases, the callus or corn may become sensitive or start to crack. Consistent foot care can help keep calluses supple and prevent them from growing large enough to be a problem. There are many products available to make foot care easier, including foot soaks and pumice stones.

Treatment Options for Corns & Calluses

For those with severe or recurring cor or callus problems, the occasional pedicure may be in order. Of course, prevention is always the most effective form of treatment. If you are experiencing calluses, take care to protect your feet. Wear supportive footwear that fits correctly and adjust your posture, so your weight is distributed evenly across the entire foot.

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